Why Brothers' Team

Brothers’ Team Is One Of The Pioneer Showcasing The Ethnic Authentic Style To The Discerning Travellers. Keeping In Mind The Immediate Requirement From Our Discerning People Travelling To This Part Of Sikkim And The Foothills Of The Himalayas The Various Problems Faced In Terms Of Tours, Hygienic, Decent Accommodation, Food And Other Various Tourism Related Components All Together Ending To The Bitter Unhealthy Experience Along With Other Various Factors Relating To The Un Presentable Disappointing Memories To Carry About Your Vacation. Keeping All The Various Components In A Platter And The Experience And Views Of The Co- Travelers As Well As The Ethic Inhabitants Of The Area We All Came Up Together With The Needs, Various Resources Gather To Cater The Requirement Of The Today Travelers And Others Alike.

Now Today We Have Very Extensive Infrastructure Based, On The Foothills Of The Eastern Himalayas. Besides The Accommodations, We Also Have Our Own Fleet Of Transport And Camping, Trekking Unit. And To Manage This Extensive Network We Have A Team Of Dedicated Professionals Who Have Spent Years In Their Areas Of Expertise. Our Managers Are Invaluable For The Personal Attention They Take Of Our Guests. They Add To The Holiday Experience By Sharing Their Knowledge And Expertise Of The Areas. In Making At The Same Time Ensuring A Good Variety. Some Of Our Guests Even Revisit ! Our Local Staff Are Completely Hands-On And Have A Thorough Knowledge Of The Lay Of The Land. They Are A Great Asset In Treks And Camp-Outs. We Personally Do All Tours And Treks, Check Properties That We Suggest To You In Sikkim As Well Other Areas. We Offer An Experience Rather Than Regular Sightseeing.

At Dizzying Heights Of Himalaya The Experience Is Almost Surreal, When God And Nature Seem To Lure Man, Perhaps Even Challenge Him, To Make The Journey Into Their Den Of Barren, Fierce Mountains, Turbulent Rivers, Dense Forests, And Moody Skies. It Is As Though You Are At The Last Frontier Of Civilization, And Yet, You're Not Alone. This Is Where Your Journey Of Discovery In The Lesser-Known Himalayas Begins, With Brothers’ Team Hospitality Group To Show You The Way Long Walks To Discover The Amazing Fauna And Flora Of The Valley, Treks To View Snow Covered Himalayan Peaks, Angling For Trout, Experiencing Some Of The Local Culture And Traditions Are Only Some Of The Delights That Are On Offer.

Why Choose Brothers’ Hospitality Services

Beware Of Hidden Costs When You Check Out Other Service Providers That Have Lower Prices, Because You May End Up With Unexpected Expenses Later. Our Information About Cheap Tours Probably Applies Equally To Tours In Other Parts Of The World. Our Customers Choose Brothers’ Team Because They Know They Will Get Fantastic Value For Their Money. Anyone Who Believes Our Prices Are High Should Please Consider This Below

We Provides The Best Service Available. You Don't Have To Waste Your Time Researching And Booking The Right Vacation, Finding An Experienced Guide, Figuring Out Where To Go And What To See.

We Live And Work Here And Monitor Our Transport Operations And Our Hotels Constantly To Assure The Consistent High Quality Of Services We Offer. Not Only Do We Provide Extensive Personalized Service For Our Customers Before They Travel, But Our Staff Takes Great Care Of You Once You Arrive.

We Personally Scout Out The Best Places And Experiences To Be Found In The Exotic Part Of The Areas We Offer Our Guests. We Personally Inspect Every Service You Use And Almost All Of Them. (How Many Tour Operating Hotel Booking Websites Can Say That?) We've "Been There And Done That" So That You Can Enjoy A Friendly, Safe, Relaxing, Hassle-Free Vacation At A Reasonable Price.

Many Of Our Guests Tell Us That Prefer To Support Businesses That Generates Revenue For The Local As Well As State In Whole Local Employment And Organic & Local Resources , Managed And Staffed And That They Appreciate The Higher Standard Of Quality Businesses Maintain.

Brothers’concept Is Based On Flexible, Modular Components Which May Easily Be Combined To Fit Into Your Holiday Schedule. Have A Look At Our Packages And Side Trips And Let Us Know What Appeals To You And What Does Not. We Are Happy To Help You Choose The Packages Best Suited For Your Needs And Your Budget And Show You How To Put Them In A Logical Order To Create The Perfect Personalized Holiday. We Can Also Make Changes To The Packages Shown On This Website Like Adding Or Subtracting Nights And Making Minor Changes To The Schedule Or Sightseeing. We Are Always Happy To Consider Custom Travel Requests. Just Give Us As Much Information As You Can About Your Dream Holiday And We Will Try To Create An Itinerary Especially For You. The More Information You Give Us, The Better--Dates, Number Of People, Hobbies Or Special Interests, Your Age And Occupation, And Whether You Prefer The Least Expensive, The Most Lavish Or Somewhere In Between. Be Aware That Extensive Custom Travel Plans Require Quite A Bit Of Our Time.

Your Prices Seem High. Why?

Our Concept Is Based On Flexible, Modular Components Which May Easily Be Combined To Fit Into Your Holiday Schedule. Have A Look At Our Packages And Side Trips And Let Us Know What Appeals To You And What Does Not. We Are Happy To Help You Choose The Packages Best Suited For Your Needs And Your Budget And Show You How To Put Them In A Logical Order To Create The Perfect Personalized Holiday. We Can Also Make Changes To The Packages Shown On This Website Like Adding Or Subtracting Nights And Making Minor Changes To The Schedule Or Sightseeing.

We Are Always Happy To Consider Custom Travel Requests. Just Give Us As Much Information As You Can About Your Dream Holiday And We Will Try To Create An Itinerary Especially For You. The More Information You Give Us, The Better--Dates, Number Of People, Hobbies Or Special Interests, Your Age And Occupation, And Whether You Prefer The Least Expensive, The Most Lavish Or Somewhere In Between. Be Aware That Extensive Custom Travel Plans Require Quite A Bit Of Our Time. To Read More About Custom Designed Travel Programs.

Booking Your All Inclusive Holiday Has Never Been Easier

Booking Your All Inclusive Holiday In Himalaya Has Never Been Easier Than With Us. Simply Search Our Site And Book All Inclusive Trips From Gangtok Online Today.
Book All Inclusive Holidays
All Our All Inclusive Holidays Normally Represent Excellent Value And We Are Absolutely Confident That Our Prices Are The Best Around.

When You Choose An All Inclusive Holiday With Us.

Your Transportation, Hotel And Your Meals As Mentioned Will Be Included In The Price.
You'll Also Get To Choose Your An Extension Tour Or Side Trip With The Above Itinerary.
Our Representatives Will Meet You On Arrival And During Your Holiday.
All Inclusive Holidays Usually Allow Guests To Eat In The Hotel Restaurants.
All Inclusive Holidays Tend To Cost More Than Bed & Breakfast Or Half Board Options But Look At What You Get.
Brothers’ Offer Great Value All Inclusive Holidays, So You Can Save Money While On Holiday And Take Away The 'Where And What Should We Eat' Along With Vehicle Dilemmas During Your Holiday
Permit & Documentation Hassle.
Exclusive / Charter Transportation.
Fuel Charges And Non Optional Extras.

All Inclusive Holidays Generally Does Not Include

Enroute Meals
Optional Sightseen
Items Not Mentioned In Cost Include Head

Our Packages Prices

We Have Almost Given Up Trying To Publish Package Prices For Our Packages Programs Online Since They Have Become So Complicated That You Practically Need A Manual To Understand Them. We Have Options In Different Price In Each Package. Prices Are Not Only Seasonal But Are Frequently Reduced Or Increased Whimsically By All Related Components For Reasons That Are Never Clear To Us. The Result Is Dozens Of Different Prices Based On The Packages Chosen.

We Do Not Like The Idea Of Buying A Holiday From A Catalog, Then Being Herded Around According To A Strict Itinerary And Schedule. Your Holiday Should Be As Individual As You Are, And A Reflection Of Your Lifestyle And Your Personal Interests. This Is Why Everyone's Traveling With Brothers’ Experience Is Different From Every Other Guests. We Hope These Suggested Custom Tours Will Be A Helpful Starting Place If You Want A Program That Is Created Just For You.

Even Great Cooks Appreciate A Dinner In A Fine Restaurant Where A Chef Does All The Shopping, Slicing, Dicing, Cooking And Dish Washing. In A Restaurant, You Can Relax And Spend Your Time Enjoying The Company And Food. When You Leave The Job To Reputable Kitchen Staff You Usually End Up With A Meal That Is More Enjoyable Than One You Might Prepare Yourself. Using A Professional Planner Is Much The Same.

We Do Not Normally Write Proposals Or Quote Prices For The Simple Reason That Each Of The Packages Described On Our Website Are, In Themselves, A Proposal, And Prices Are Published Online As Well, We Offer. If You Need Help With A Custom-Planned Itinerary, We Are Ready To Assist You. View our Package Page for details

All Our All Inclusive Packages, In Most Cases You Get Accommodations With Meals As Pan Arrival And Departure Transportation And Your Hotel, Touring With A Carefully Chosen, A Private Vehicle And Familiar Driver On Most Of Our Tours And Often Extras Like Special Meals. It Is Even More Complicated If You Add Nights Or Modify The Itinerary. We Have Thought About Quoting Prices As "$Xxxx And Up" Followed By An Asterisk And Some Tiny Print At The Bottom Of The Page. However, We Do Not Want To Seem To Use "Bait And Switch" Tactics So We Do Not Publish Prices We Will Not Be Able To Live With. As Such We Have Chosen Few Regular Mostly Must Do As Well As Opt Program / Itinerary Based On Our Experience.

Besides The Enclosed Fixed Program We Are Happy To Quote Prices Only When You Have Chosen And Decided On Fixed Tailor Made Program In Consultation Of Our Member And Approximate Travel Dates As Long As You Understand That Prices Are Always Subject To Change Until We Actually Confirm All The Ground Arrangements And Logistics. We Do Our Very Best To Keep Prices As Moderate As Possible As Long As We Do Not Compromise The Quality Of What We Provide For You.

When You Compare Hotel Rates With Our Packages, Remember That You Get Much More Than Just A Room When You Choose One Of Our Packages And We Normally Offer Better Rooms Than Hotel Booking. Our Prices Include Tax And Service. By The Time You Add Tax, Service, And Transportation To Hotel, Our Package Price Is About The Same. That Means Our Attentive Service And The Sightseeing You Get With Virtually Free.

Looking For A Cheap Holiday Maker

So You Are Looking For A Cheap Holiday Maker Here Is What You Need To Know First.
Travel Advice For The Foothills Of The Himalaya India Tour ? What You Need To Know Before You Buy A Cheap Tour.
So You Are Looking For A Great Bargain Price. Here Is Some Advice To Keep In Mind Before When Searching For A Cheap Tour And Choosing The Tour That Is Right For You.

Major Differences Between A Fantastic Tour And A Mediocre One


There Are A Couple Of Really Good Hotels In This Sector And A Lot Of Bad Ones, And Very Little In Between. The Result Is Staggering Hotel Prices Comparable To Other Sector In Himalaya. A Peculiar Star Rating System For Hotels That Somehow Awards Five Stars To Hotels That Would Not Receive Three Stars Elsewhere. Some Hotels ("Lodges") Do Not Get Star Ratings At All So Top Hotels Are Not Always Comparable To Each Other. While We Do Not Put A Lot Of Confidence In The Advice Given In Most Guide Books, There Are Websites That Show Candid Photos Of Hotels And Publish Comments From Guests. If Your Tour Company Suggests Hotels That Are Not Mentioned Anywhere Online, That's A Bad Sign As Well. Price Is Not Always A Reliable Gauge Of Quality In This Sector. We Have Heard Plenty Of Stories About (And Even Seen) About Stinky $Xxrs Hotel Rooms With Dirty Sheets, That Have Not Been In Order For Long. One Towel For Two People To Share, Furniture With Cigarette Burns, And Bathroom Sinks That Drain. Yet We Have Also Enjoyed Delightful Hotels That We Would Love To See Again. One Of The Most Wonderful Things About A Journey Through Is That You Also Have A Chance To Stay In This Fascinating Hotel. A Program That Misses Such Opportunities May Cost Less But You Will Miss Truly Memorable Cultural Experiences In The Process. An Itinerary That Does Not Name Specific Hotels Or States "Xyz Hotel Or Similar" Is A Sign Of A Cheap Tour Leading To Disaster. You Can Not Rely On Cheap Standards.


The Right Itinerary Can Easily Mean The Difference Between A Great Trip And A Disastrous One, So It Pays To Be Cautious About What You Are Offered. Above All, Resist The Temptation To Try To Do To Much In Too Little Time Or You May End Up With What We Call A "Drive By" Tour. Well, Technically It Is Possible To Drive From Gangtok To A Point And See The Place Just Before Dark. Or Try To See All Of Everything In A Single Day Or Be Dragged Through Places So Fast You Barely Remember Being There. We Have Seen Itineraries That Are Virtually Impossible To Accomplish. A Cheap Agent Usually Has No Way To Know What Is Possible And What Is Not. Incidentally, We Think The Itineraries On Our Website Offer The Optimum Amount Of Time To Travel From Place To Place And See Things Comfortably, So We Hope You Will Compare Our Itinerary With Others You Receive. Your Itinerary Should Include The Places You Want To See. While This Sounds A Bit Ridiculous, Cheap Tour Agent May Actually Skip Places.
If You Expect A Custom Tour You Should Actually Be Able To Customize It And Not Just Choose Between A Series Of Sample Itineraries That Are Not Exactly What You Want. Even If The Itinerary Looks Great, Will It Actually Be Followed? Sadly, Some Companies In Our Industry, Particularly In One-Time Destinations Like This, Do Not Follow Their Own Programs Carefully. Once They Have Your Money And Put Your Body In Their Vehicle You Do Not Have Much Choice But To Go Along. They Are Used To Hearing Arguments From Tour Members And They Have A Lot Of Experience Feigning Deafness.

Ground Operations

"Ground Operations" Includes Guides, Drivers, Vehicles And Those Odds And Ends That Are Or Should Be Included In A Tour.


Practically All Tour Operators In North Sikkim Use Drivers As An Escort & Guide You Can Use Local Guides, Which Means You Will Have One Guide In North Sikkim And A Different Guide In Other Parts. You Can Usually Arrange To Have A Single Guide Throughout, Although That Increases The Cost Substantially And That Guide May Not Be As Familiar With A City As A Local Person. Many Cheap Tour Companies Use Inexperienced Guides Who Lack The Training And Experience Of A Guide. Guides That Are Frequently Stopped And Ejected At Places. This Can Be Both Embarrassing And Inconvenient In Addition To A Waste Of Money.


Make Sure Your Tour Will Use Late Model Vehicles. Some Vehicles Are Much Smaller Than It Is Used To, So It Pays To Confirm The Make, Model And Age Of The Car You Will Be Getting. Cars Used For Tourism Require Special Permits. Some Tour Operators Cut Corners By Using Unregistered Vehicles. If Noticed By The Authorities, Drivers And Passengers Are Temporarily Stranded. You Definitely Do Not Want To Watch The Road Speed By Through The Rust Holes In The Floor.

Hidden Costs

Are A Major Scam Some Cheap Tour Operators Use To Make You Think Their Prices Are Very Low. Make Sure You Get A Written Statement From Cheap Tour Handling People About What Is And Is Not Included Cheap Tour. Exactly Which Hotel And What Kind Of Room? How About Breakfast? Admissions Costs? Road Tolls? Special Transportation? Just Because Your Tour Includes Entry To The Restricted Areas, Does It Also Include The Vehicle Jeep Necessary To Take You Around? Are Permission To The Places You Will Visit Also Included? How About The Cost Of Overnight Accommodations For The Driver Escort Or Guide? Of Not, You Will Be Digging Into Your Pocket Quite A Bit While Enjoying Your Cheap Cheap Tour.


What Happens Before You Travel Plays A Big Part In The Success Of The Trip. Responsiveness And Willingness To Answer Any And All Questions Are Both Essential. Incomplete Or Evasive Answers To Your Questions Are A Bad Sign. Cheap Operator Should Be Flexible Enough To Make Small Changes In Your Program As Long As They Are Not Done At The Last Minute, And Not Requested Every Time You Read A Story In A Travel Magazine Or Meet Someone At A Party Who Went To This Areas Once And Wants You To Take A Trip Exactly The One They Took. When Unlimited Service Is Available It Will Not Be At A Bargain Price. The Way A Company Represents Itself Should Give You Important Insights Into What You Can Expect From Them. If They Promote Themselves As A Cheap Tour Operator, You Will Probably End Up With A Tour That Leaves You Wishing You Had Made A Different Choice. On The Other Hand, A Company With A Reputation For Producing A First Class Program And Is Proud To Share Feedback From Past Customers Will Probably Give You A Great Tour. Herein Lays The Big Difference Between Price And Value, As Well As The Difference Between "Them" And "Us." We Turn Down The Opportunities Some Customers Give Us To Compete With Budget Tour Companies Because We Are Not Interested In Putting Our Label On The Miserable, Cheap Tours That They Show Us. We Do Not Cut Corners Or Indulge In Deceptive Practices In Order To Make One Sale. Almost Most Of Our Customers Are Repeat Guests, Which Is Pretty Remarkable. The Service Should Not Stop Once The Tour Has Been Sold. Good Tour Companies Will Give You A Detailed Itinerary With Local Contacts Before Your Journey Begins, As Well As 24-Hour Numbers Where You Can Contact Them In Case Of A Problem. You Want To Make Sure The Numbers Actually Work, Of Course.

By The Way, We Are Happy To Provide An Honest, Objective Critique Of The Itinerary You Receive From Cheap Operators. We Now Charge ₹ 500.00 Fee For This Service. If You Ultimately Decide To Choose Us Instead Of, We Apply The Fee Towards The Cost Of Your Tour

Getting Answers Travel Questions

We've Been In Your Shoes Ourselves And Encountered Most Of The Problems You Might Face, Both Online And While Traveling. Don't Be Afraid To Ask A Question, No Matter How Silly You Think It May Be. However, Many Commonly-Asked Questions Are Already Answered On The FAQ Page. If Yours Is Not Answered, The Simple Form On That Page Will Get Our Attention Quickly. If We Did Not Answer Your Question Above, Ask Your Own Question Here
We Are Gradually Adding Suggested Itineraries To This Page. If There Are Places That You Are Interested In That Do Not Appear Here Yet Ask Us. Our People In Gangtok The Capital Are Very Resourceful And We Are Sure We Can Create A Program As Individual As You Are.


With Over 14 Years Of Experience In The Trade We Have Earned The Reputation Of Providing Only The Finest And Personalized Services; Always In An Exceptionally Professional Manner. Hence, ' You Can Always Count On Us'.


We Offer Only The Very Best Of What Our Country Has To Present. With Our Experienced And Professional Staff, Multi-Lingual Guides And In-House Transport At Your Disposal We Strive To Fulfill Even The Minutest Detail Of Our Valued Client's Requests And Painstakingly Ensure Our Clients Take Only The Finest Of Memories Back Home.


We Offer Competitive Pricing On All Tour Packages - Whether It's One Of Our Popular Package Or A Customized Itinerary.


Reliability Is Our Trademark And We Are Known For It All Over.


Over The Past 14 Years In The Business, We Have Established An Extensive And Reliable Network Of The Finest Quality Service Providers Throughout.


Our Vast And In-Depth Knowledge Is At Your Continuous Disposal. Our Skilled And Professional Team Takes The Pleasure In Answering All Your Travel Queries.


We Offer It All - From Hotel Reservation To Ticketing Assistance, Trekking In The Majestic Himalayas, Rafting In The White Waters, Jungle Safari, Charter Arrangements, Conference & Incentives, Special Interest Tours, Expeditions, Soft Adventure Tours And Adventure Tours.


When It Comes To Brother’s You Will Find Nothing Less - Our Hospitality Is Second To None.


We Provide Only The Finest Service To Our Clients; With A Blend Of Care And Sincerity To Make Them Feel At Home. Our Dedicated Team Is Committed To Make Your Holiday Nothing Less Than The Most Memorable.


We Provide Best 'Value For Service'. When It Comes To Service We Handle Each Of Our Valued Clientele With The Utmost Care And Attention, Striving To Provide A Noticeably Distinct Experience.

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