West Bengal


Being A Cosmopolitan City, Kolkata Represents A Blend Of Different Religions. Majority Of People Inhabiting Calcutta Are Hindus. Muslims Are In Minority. Other Minority Communities Include Christians, Buddhist, Sikhs And Jains. Thus, The Religion Of Bengal India Is Not Very Clear.

On The Basis Of Religious Sects, Hindus Can Be Further Classified Into A Number Of Categories Ranging From Monotheists To Polytheists. The Largest Religious Sect Follows Vaishnavism. In The Traditional Caste Hierarchy, The Highest Position Is Held By The Brahmins, Who Are Considered To Be The Main Guardians Of Sacred Scriptures. After Brahmins, The Next Caste In Order Of The Precedence Is That Of Vaidyas Followed By Kshatriyas And Sudras

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