West Bengal


The Majority Of The People Are Bengalis. The Bengali People Are An Ethnic Group Native To The Region Of Bengal Who Are A Hybrid Race Primarily Evolved By Mixture Of Aryan Race And Mongoloid Race.

There Are Also Significant Tribal Groups Which Are Known As Santals, Oraons And Mundas In The Plains And The Borders Of Chota Nagpur And Lepchas And Bhutias In The Himalayas. Over 85% Of The Population Speak Bengali, Hindi, Urdu And Tribal Languages Account For Most Of The Remainder, Though All India's Major Languages Are Represented In Calcutta.

West Bengal, Home To Legendary Preachers, Poets, Saints, Singers, Film Makers, Sportsmen And Academicians, Was Once The Cultural Capital Of India. Political Ideology Slowly Wove Its Web In The Heart Of The Easily Swayed Bengali And Everything Else Took A Backseat. Growth Was Replaced By Grafitti And Songs By Slogans! Years Of Rallies, 'Bandhs' And 'Hartals' Have Taken Their Toll Kolkata, The Capital City, Is Now A Shade Of Its Former Arrogant, Proud And Elegant Self.

The State Still Holds The Soul Of The ‘Bhadralok’, The Intelligent, Sensitive And Cultured Bengali Who Has A Passion For Philosophy, Literature, Music, Football And/Or Cricket Depending On The Season. The People Of Bengal Love Their Heroes...Sri Aurobindo And Sri Ramakrishna; Rabindra Nath Tagore, Mother Teresa And Amartya Sen; Tennis’ Leander Paes, And Cricketer Saurav Ganguly, Nicknamed "The Prince Of Kolkata" For His Sterling Performances On The Field! Satyajit Ray, The Film Maker, Have Become Synonymous With Bengal. The People Are Also Great Travellers. Go Anywhere In The World, Be It Off-Season In Leh Or Christmas In Montreal - There Are Bound To Be Bengalis Around. The Social Fabric Is Hierarchical And Patriarchy Is Still The Focal Point Of General Family Life.

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