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Heritage Sites

There Are 03 World Famous Heritage Sites In West Bengal Of UNESCO

Darjeeling Himalayan Toy Train

This Is The First, And Still The Most Outstanding, Example Of A Hill Passenger Railway. Opened In 1881, It Applied Bold And Ingenious Engineering Solutions To The Problem Of Establishing An Effective Rail Link Across A Mountainous Terrain Of Great Beauty. It Is Still Fully Operational And Retains Most Of Its Original Features Intact. It Is Regarded As A Site Of UNESCO World Heritage; One Can Enjoy A Delightful Mountain Rail Journey In Darjeeling Hills.

Sunderbans National Park

Located In The Ganga Delta, Sunderbans Was Declared A National Park In 1984. The Park Covers A Vast Stretch Of Mangrove Swamp, Lush Forested Islands And Small Rivers Near The Bay Of Bengal. Most Of The Region Comprises Estuarine Mangrove Forests And Swamps; Sunderbans Is Home To The Magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger, The Park Holding More Tigers Than Any Other Tiger Reserve. More Than 400 Tigers Were Recorded around a decade ago, The Olive Ridley Sea Turtles. Crocodiles And The Gangetic Dolphin Are To Be Found Aplenty In The Raimangal River.

The Sajnakhali Sanctuary, Famous For Its Rich Avian Population, Is Regarded As A Part Of The Sunderbans National Park Is This World's Largest Delta Covered By Mangrove Forest And Vast Saline Mud Flats. A Land Of 54 Tiny Islands, Crisscrossed By Innumerable Tributaries Of Ganga That Was Once Infested By Arakanese And Portuguese Pirates Is Now The Abode Of Varied Flora And Fauna Population. An Area Of 9630 Sq. Km,Where 70 Percent Is Under Saline Water Makes The Life Of Commoners, Mostly Honey-Catchers, Prawn-Catchers And Fishermen, Very Difficult. This Is Sunderbans.

The World's Largest Estuarine Forest. The Tiger Reserve Covering An Area Of 2585 Sq. Km. Has One Of The Largest Royal Bengal Tiger Populations. Fishing Eagles, Adjutant Storks, Black Necked Storks Etc. The River Here Has Crocodiles And Dolphins. The Best Season To Visit The Park Is November Mid To April. Trained Elephants Are Available As Mounts For Going Around The Park.

Tentative List Submitted To UNESCO For Heritage Sites Are

Temples At Bishnupur West Bengal

Is Famous For Its Terracotta Temples And The Balucheri Sarees.

Neora Valley National Park

This is One Of The Richest Biological Zones In The Entire North East.


Was Made Famous By Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, Whose Vision Became The Present University Town Visva University – Bharati University.

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