West Bengal


Bengali Food Has Inherited A Large Number Of Influences, Arising From A Historical And Strong Trade Links With Many Parts Of The World. Bengal Fell Under The Sway Of Various Turkic Rulers From The Early Thirteenth Century Onwards, And Was Then Governed By The British For Two Centuries. The Jews Brought Bakeries To Bengal, The Marwaris Contributed Their Sweet-Making Skills, The Exiled Families Of Wajid Ali Shah And Tipu Sultan Brought Different Flavors Of Mughlai Cuisine. British Patronage And The Babu Renaissance Fueled The Development Of These Different Culinary Strands Into A Distinct Heritage. From The Culinary Point Of View, Some Major Historical Trends Influenced Bengali Food. This Meant That People Retained Many Of Their Local Customs And Especially Food Habits.

The Key Culinary Influence Of The Christian Community Was The Ritual Of Tea (Introduced By The British And Now Central To Bengali Identity), And In Bengal's Snack Food Traditions. Baking, Which Was Pretty Much Unknown Till The British Came Along, Became Widespread. The Popularity Of Baked Confectioneries Was A Direct Result Of The British Popularizing The Celebration Of Christmas.

Rice And Fish Are Traditional Favorite Foods, Fish And Rice Make A Bengali. Bengal's Vast Repertoire Of Fish-Based Dishes Includes Preparations, A Favorite Among Bengalis. Bengalis Make Distinctive From Milk Products, The Style Of Food Preparation In West Bengal Is Different From Other Parts Of The Country. The Cuisines Are Rich In Specialized Spices And Flavors Giving Unique Tastes

Here The Usual Fare Is Continental, Chinese, Indian And Nepali Food. Few Of The Star Hotels Also Have Live Western, Indian Or Nepali Music As Well As Cultural Dances Most Depending On The Time Of Year.

There Are An Unbelievable Variety Of Places You Can Eat In. The Highest Standards Are Maintained By The Star Hotels, Which Also Have The Highest Prices In The Country. In Main Areas The Restaurants Are Middle Of The Order; Neither Cheap Nor Expensive. All Kinds Of Food And Drinks Can Be Had Here. From Vodka To Tequila Take Your Pick Food In Mall Can Be Good Or Bad Depending On Your Choice Of Restaurant. It Is Best To Go Where Recommended.

But There Are Also Cooks Who Don't Know What They Are Cooking. There Are Vegetarian Restaurants Then There Are Fast Food Outlets And Other Cheaper Restaurants Where If Local Ethnic Foods Are Tried, The Taste May Be More Genuine Than In The Very Expensive Hotels. A Few Guidebooks Will Advise You To Stay Away From Such Meals But Many Tourists Try Them Anyway.

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