West Bengal

Medical Matters & Advice

Trekking In This Area Need Not Be Considered Risky Affair As Far As Your Health Is Concerned. But Very Little Medical Care Along The Trail Is Available, So Make Sure You Are Physically Fit And Healthy Before Departing. In Case Of Serious Illness Or Injury, Prompt Evacuation To Gangtok Is The Best Remedy.

Therefore, You Are Requested To Insure For Rescue Operation Also. Take Care Of Yourself Along The Trail By Ensuring That Water Is Boiled. Diarrhea And Headaches Can Be The Curse For Trekkers. So, Bring Appropriate Medication And Use Them With Caution. Sun Burn Can Also Be A Problem At Altitude, A Barrier Cream Will Protect Your Skin And Good Sun Glasses Are Also Necessary. Blisters Are Another Problem For The Trekker And Adequate Supplies Of Band Aids Are Advisable.

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