White Water Rafting Means Cruising Down A Rushing River In An Inflatable Rubber Raft Or White Water Kayak Over Crashing Waves And Swirling Rapids For The Excitement Of A Lifetime. Sikkim Has Earned A Reputation As One Of The Best Destinations In India For White Water Rafting. Sikkim’s Thundering Waters, Coming From The Glaciers Of The Mighty Himalaya, Provide Unmatched Thrills For Rafting And Immersing Oneself In The Landscape. A Rafting Trip Is Bound To Be The Highlight Of Your Stay In Sikkim.

Rivers Are Graded On A Scale Of One To Six, With One Being A Swimming Pool And Six A One-Way Ticket To Your Maker. Four Is Considered To Be Quite Challenging Without Being Exceedingly Dangerous To The Novice Rafter. Five Requires Some Previous River Experience. The Surging River Teesta Beckons You For The White Water Thrill. From The Base Of The Mighty Himalayan Ranges To The Plains Of Bengal Flows The Gushing Foaming Emerald Waters Of The River Teesta With Enough Rapids.

Anyone Can Participate In Fact Most Of Our Clients Had Never Rafted Before. Managed By Professionals, The Expeditions Once Again Combine Leisure With Adventure In Packages Like Float Trips And Wildlife Tourism. BRING OUT THE ADVENTURE IN YOU". : Compare Our Feature And Price And You Will See Why We Are A Good Value When You Are Making That Wild Call.

Two Rivers In The River Systems Are Open For Tourists For Rafting. The Rivers Are:

River Section
Teesta (Tarkhola – Baghpool)
Ranjit (Mazitar To Baghpool)
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