Mountain Biking

Sikkim Diverse Terrain Is A Mountain Bikers Dream Adventure Come True. Mountain Biking Offers An Environmentally Sound Way Of Exploring This Magnificent Sikkim, Its Landscape And Living Heritage. Because This Is A Spartan, Laborious Mode Of Travel, It Is Also Considered The Way To Travel By The So-Called "Purists".

There Are Plenty Of Dirt Roads And Trails To Meet Every Mountain Biker's Wildest Fantasy. Mountain Biking Is Specially Recommended If You Wish To Explore Urban Centers Such As Rinchenpong,Khehopari, Rim Of Gangtok City As Well As Countryside In The Outskirts. Imagine, If You Will, A Ride Through Lush Green Rice Fields, Through Hamlets, Up And Down The Hillside, Along The River Bank, Around Temples, Past The Street-Roaming Cattle, Along The Suspension Bridge, Along The Highway, You Name It. Monsoon Downpour, Wonderful Light Effects, Or Fierce Headwinds, Depending On Place And Season. The Adventurous Souls May Plan Extended Trips To Such Exotic Locality. What You Can Or Cannot Do On Mountain Bike Is Limited Only By Your Imagination.

The 15 To 18 Gear All-Terrain Mountain Bikes Are Recommended If You Wish To Go Up The Hills, Mountain Lookouts Or Hilltop Shrines. If You're Going To Be Doing The Exploring Observing The Hustle And Bustle, Etc, One Speed Indian Bicycles Will Do Nicely. If You Wish To Be Enlightened About The Culture, Rhythm Of Village Life, Cool Spots To Visit, Perhaps Guided Trips Should Be Undertaken.

Mountain Biking Tour Grading Systems. Each Tour Is Classified With A Grade As Explained Below. If You Are In Any Doubt About Your Suitability, Be It Through Inexperience Or Even Over-Experience; Let Us Know For The Same.


Factors Affecting Grading Include: Degree Of Up/Down, Difficulty Of The Surfaces To Be Ridden, Amount Of Bike Handling Skill Required, Distances Covered And Other Factors Such As Heat, Altitude Or Remoteness. All Our Trips Require Basic Fitness, Preferably Acquired Through Riding Your Bike, And Remember That Any Cycling Involves Some Physical Exertion, So You Cannot Expect That You Will Not Feel Tired On An 'Easy' Trip. The Main Benefit Of Grading Is To Provide An Overall Indicator To Compare One Trip Against Another.

A. Easy Suitable For Anyone Who Can Ride A Bike And Can Manage A Bit Of Exercise. No Routes Are 100% Flat, So Expect Some Climbs And Descents.
B. Moderate Ideal For Occasional Cyclists And Above, Or A Relaxing Trip For Better Riders. Reasonable Fitness Required Such As Cycling.
C. Strenuous Suitable For Fit & Confident Riders. Fitness Is More Important Than Ethnical Ability For Trips Of This Level.
D. Tough Long Cycling Days And Tougher Terrain (For Both On- And Off-Road Trips) Requiring Specific Experience Of More Demanding And Technical Cycling.
E. Very Tough Experienced, Fit Cyclists And Above Who Are Happy To Undertake A More Expedition-Style Tour. Off-Road Experience Is Essential.

Some Of The Regular Routes That Cover The Valley Are

North Sikkim Biking Tour

Places Covered - Gangtok - Singhik - Lachung - Yumthang- Lachen - Thangu - Singhik - Rumtek

East,South & West Sikkim Biking Tour

Places Covered - Gangtok – Rumtek – Sang – Sirwani – Temi – Damthang – Rabong – Kewzing – Tashiding – Yoksum – Geyzing – Dentam – Rinchenpong – Soreng – Sombaria - Jorthang – Namchi - Rangpo.

There Are Many More If You Are Willing To Take The Time To Find Out And Blaze Your Own Trails.

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