Bhutan Is A Buddhist Country And Majority Of Its Population Is Buddhist. Buddhism Was First Introduced By Guru Rinpoche (Guru Padmasambhava) Who Visited Bhutan In The 8th Century. Before That Almost All People In Bhutan Worshiped All Forms Of Nature Which Is Today Known As Bonism. Later With The Arrival Of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel In 1616 AD, Bhutan Was Unified And He Introduced The Drukpa Sect Of Tantric Buddhism Which Spread All Over The Country. Since Then Bhutan Adopted The Tantric Form Of Mahayana Buddhism As Its Official Religion.

Buddhism Is An Essential Ingredient Of Bhutanese Life And Essence Of Their Unique Identity. It Is Pervasive All Over The Country And Even In The Urban Centers. The Sacred Temples, Monasteries, Dzongs, Stupas, Prayer Wheels And Prayer Flags Marks The Bhutanese Landscapes.

The Air Of Spirituality, The Sound Of Bells And Gongs, The Murmur Of Mantras, The Fluttering Of Prayer Flags And Sight Of Red Robes Monks Are Among Many Other Living Case That Reveal Buddhism Is Vibrant In The Kingdom.

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