Bhutan Is A Rich Country In Terms Of Diversity In Ethnic Groups And Dialects With Over 10 Ethnic Groups And Over 15 Dialects. Main Ethnic Groups In The Country Are Ngalops Of Western Bhutan, Tshanglas Of Eastern Bhutan And Lhotshampas Of South.

Among The Three Main Groups The Tshanglas Or The Sharchops As They Are Commonly Known Are Considered The Indigenous Inhabitants Of Bhutan. Other Groups Are Bumthaps Of Central Bhutan, The Kurtoeps In Lhuentse, The Brokpas And The Bramis Of Merak And Sakteng In Eastern Bhutan, The Doyas Of Samtse And The Monpas Of Rukha Villages In Wangduephodrang District. Together The Multi-Ethnic Bhutanese Population Number Slightly More Than 7,00,000.

Bhutanese People Are Known As "Drukpas", Meaning, The People Of The Land Of The Thunder Dragon. Bhutanese People Are Generally Shy But Very Polite, Kind And Hospitable People. It Is In The Bhutanese Tradition To Honour Every Guest With Great Hospitality. In General, Bhutanese People Are Friendly And Well-Disposed Towards Foreigners.

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