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Bhutan Is A Part Of Eastern Himalayas Which Has Been Designated As Top 10 Biodiversity Hotspot Of The World And It Is A Home To Great Diversity Of Flora And Fauna. Over 70 Percent Of The Country Is Under Forest Cover And More Than A Quarter Of The Country’s Total Area Is Under Protected Area Covering Over 16,300 Square Kilometers.

Bhutan Is Home To Over 60 Percent Of Common Plant Species Found In Eastern Himalayas And It Is Also Home To About 300 Types Of Medicinal Plants Due To Which Bhutan Was Also Called As Menjong Drukyul In Olden Days, Which Means Land Of Medicines.

The Country Is Also Home To Over 40 Different Types Of Rhododendrons Which Fill Up Most Of Trekking Trails In The Country. Some Of The Commonly Seen Vegetations In Bhutan Are Oak, Pine, Cypress, Junipers, Giant Rhubarb, Magnolias, Blue Poppy (The National Flower), Orchids, Gentian And Edelweiss.

Bhutan Is Home To Diversity Of Animals. Animals Like Elephants, Rhinoceros, Water Buffalo, Tigers, Hog Deer, Golden Languor, Clouded Leopards, Horn Bills And Swamp Deer Are Among Other Animals Found In Southern Bhutan And Animals Like Tiger, Leopard, Goral, Gray Langur, Himalayan Black Beer, Red Panda, Sambar, Wild Pig, And Barking Deer Are Found In The Temperate Zones While Snow Leopard, Blue Sheep, Red Panda, Tiger, Takin, Marmot And Musk Deer Are Some Of The Species Found In The High Altitude. Besides The Rich Diversity Of Species Of Animals Bhutan Is Also Home To Over 670 Species Of Birds.

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