Do’s & Don’ts
  • Taking Pictures Inside The Alters Of The Dzongs (Fortress), Temples And Monasteries Is Strictly Prohibited.
  • Take Off Your Hats In Front Of The Dzongs, Temples And National Flags.
  • Visitors Should Be Properly Dressed With Long Sleeves Shirts And Pants To Visit Dzongs, Temples, Monasteries, Schools And Any Government Institutions.
  • Always Walk Clockwise While Crossing The Dzongs, Temples, Monasteries, Prayer Flags Or Religious Artifacts.
  • Get Permission Before You Take The Pictures Of The People And Religious Items.
  • Do Not Give Sweets, Money, Pencils, Pens Etc, To The Children.
  • Although Bhutan Is Safe, We Advise You To Keep Your Valuable Items Like Wallets, Cameras, Passport Etc In Safe Place.
  • Be Careful With Street Dogs And Domestic Dogs, Do Not Tease Or Play With Them As They Are Not Friendly In Bhutan. Sometime Dogs Are Nuisance At Night Too.
  • Please Do Not Forget To Check Your Arrival/Departure Dates, Time, Sector And Email One Day Prior To Your Arrival In Bhutan.
  • Public Displays Of Affection Between Men And Women, Men And Men And Women And Women Are Not Common. Please Refrain From Doing This In Public Places.
  • Smoking In Public Places Is Not Allowed In Bhutan.
  • Buying Of Antiques From Bhutan Is Strictly Monitored By The Custom At The Check Points. Please Always Buy Goods With Cash Memo Or Original Bills/Invoices.
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