The Various Tribes Have Their Own Festivals – Listed Here Are The Most Important Ones:

Sekrenyie Is A 10-Day Festival Held At The End Of February. The Angami Nagas Celebrate This Festival To Invoke The Gods To Bring Them Good Fortune And It Involves Feasting And Dancing.

Tuluni Is Celebrated By The Sema Nagas From The 8th Of July. It Is A Harvest Festival Of Nagaland And Carries On For 5 Days With Feasts, Dances And Prayers.

Tsungrem Mong Is Also A Harvest Festival. It Is Celebrated By The Ao Nagas In August. A Demonstration Of Skill In Sports And Physical Prowess Is Included In The Festivities.

Tokhu Emong Held On The 7th November Is The Lotha Naga Harvest Festival That Is Celebrated With Singing And Dancing.

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