The Nagas Have A Rich Tradition Of Art And Craft Anchored In Their Lifestyle That Has Always Been In Harmony With The Surroundings They Are Living In. Skilled Tribal Craftsman And Artisans Have Always Been The Strength Of A Tribal Society That Had, For Many Centuries, Been Self-Dependent. They Lent Their Skills To Produce Items Of Common Utility, As Well Those With Ritualistic And Artistic Value. Skilled Craftsmen Are Employed To Carve Marvellous Village Gates, House Posts And Morungs In Naga Villages. Nagaland Has Many Shopping Options To Shop From Famous Markets And Bazaars In The City. Handicraft Items Of Fine Storage Baskets, Wicker Drinking Vessels And Containers Are Woven By Craftsmen Whose Skills Had Been Inherited From Generations Of Skilled Craftsmen, And Makes It The Most Shopping Items Among The Tourists.

It Was These Craftsmen, Weavers And Artisans Who Ransacked The Forest In Search Of Wood, Barks, Dyes And Other Resources, That Were Used To Carve Out Fine Works Of Art And Weave Colourful Clothes, That Singled Out Each Naga Tribe.

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