Do’s & Don’ts
Followings Are Some Points To Be Taken Care Of While Travelling To North-Eastern Region Of India.
  • A Proper VISA To Enter And Stay In India Is A Must
  • Before Entering Into Some North Eastern States Like Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram And Nagaland, Travellers Need To Have Restricted Area Permission Or Protected Area Permission.
  • Get Medical Check-Up Before Traveling To North-East India. Always Keep A Personal First Aid Box With Sufficient Mosquito Repellent To Prevent The Mosquito Bite
  • Don't Ever Enter A Temple, Tomb, Dargah Or Gurudwara With Shoes On And/Or Scantily Dressed
  • Do Not Encourage Beggars.
  • Always Drink Safe Mineral Water And Take Well-Cooked Food.
  • Don't Photograph Women Without Permission. Avoid Taking Photographs Of Places (I.E Military Base, Religious Place, Etc.) Where Filming Is Restricted.
  • Avoid Public Drunkenness And Drugs.
  • Be Security Conscious. Do Not Forget To Keep The Contact Numbers Of The Local Representatives And The Police Stations
  • Keep Yourself Up To Date With Climate, Political Situation & Economy Of The Destination.
  • Do Not Carry Any Kind Of Firearms, Ammunition Or Toxic Material As It Is Strictly Prohibited.
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