One Of The Major Religions Of Mizoram Is Christianity. The Religion Influences The Society As Well As The Culture Of The Mizo People. The Majority Of The Christian Followers Are Protestants. The Mizoram Christian Population Has Their Own Distinct Churches. The Christians Celebrate All The Religious As Well As Anglican Festivals Such As Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Boxing Day And Easter With Much Grandeur. Carols Are Sung In The Native As Well As In English Language During The Festivities. People Greet Each Other During Christmas.

There Are Few Different Tribes In Mizoram Who Follow Buddhism And Animism. In The South-Western Part Of The State, The Tribes Of Chakmas And The Mogs Follow Buddhism Whereas; The Other Tribe Of Riangs Follow Animism. They Worship The Supreme Power By The Name Of Pathian.

A Marginal Number Of The Residents Worship Hindu Gods And Goddesses. A Few Numbers Of Immigrants To The State Follow Islamic Teachings.

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