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Location Mizoram Is One Of The Seven Northeastern States Of India And Is Enclosed By Myanmar, Bangladesh, Manipur, Assam, And Tripura. In The Local Language, Mizoram Means "Land Of The Highlanders". The Mizo Hills, Which Dominate The State's Topography, Rise To More Than 6560 Ft Near The Myanmar Border. Aizawl, The State Capital, Is 4000 Ft Above Sea Level.

About Three-Fourths Of The Population Earns Their Livelihood From Agriculture. Paddy, Maize, Mustard, Sugarcane, Sesame, Fiber Less Ginger And Potatoes Are The Other Prominent Crops Grown In This Area. Small-Scale Irrigation Projects Are Being Developed To Increase The Crop Yield. There Are No Major Industries In The State. Small-Scale Industries Include Sericulture, Handloom And Handicrafts Industries, Sawmills And Furniture Workshops, Oil Refining, Grain Milling, And Ginger Processing. The Service Sector Comprises Of Tourism, Real Estate And Insurance.

Mizorm State Information
Capital Aizawl
Date Of Formation 20. Feb. 1987
Governor Krishan Kant Paul
Chief Minister Pu Lalthanhawla
Tourist Attractions Phawngpui, Sibuta Lung, Philpui Grave, Pangzawl
Festivals Chapchar Kut, Mim Kut, Pawl Kut
Major Dance And Music Forms Khal Lam, Chai, Chhilam, Sawlkin
Arts And Crafts Puan; Cane And Bamboo Baskets, Pipes, Toys That Utilise The Natural Elasticity Of Bamboo
Languages Lushai, Mizo, Bengali, Lakher
Size 21,081 Sq. Km
Population (Census 2011) 1,097,206
Rivers Tlwang, Tlau, Chhimtuipui, Tuichang, Tuirial,
Forests And Wildlife Sanctuaries Lengteng WS, Murlen NP, Phawngpui NP, Thorangtlang WS
State Animal Serow
State Bird Hume's Bartailed Pheasant
State Flower Dancing Girl Orchid
State Tree Nag Kesar
Major Crops Paddy, Wheat, Bamboo, Oil Palm
Factoids Cheraw Or The Bamboo Dance Is A Popular Form Of Dancing.
Pukzing Cave, Near Aizawl Stands At 25 M. Legends Say That Mualzavata, A Very Strong Man, Carved It Out With A Hair Pin.
No. Of District 8

The Flora
The State Has Dense Bamboo Forests. Rivers Run In Narrow Ribbons That Seem To Be Challenging The Onlookers To Plunge In For Some Adventure And Entertainment. The Hill Ranges Standing In North-South Direction Are Brilliant With Green Plantations Throughout The Year. Orchids Are Abundant In Mizoram. Epiphytic Orchids Are Greater In Number Than Terrestrial Ones. Some Of The Rare Species Of Orchids Endemic To Mizoram Consist Of Fine Foliage And Bright Flowers Of Great Interest To Garden Lovers. The Highest Peak, Phawngpui Mountain (Vast Meadow), Also Known As Blue Mountain, A Garden Of Rhododendron Of Arboretum And Veitchianum Species Is 2,065 M (7,100 Ft) High. There Are A Number Of Hilly Streams And Rivers Which Murmur Through Picture Postcard Scenario. The Forests House Some Of The Rare Varieties Of Orchids That Are Found Only In This Region.

The Fauna
The Forest Area Of Mizoram Is Inhabited By Swamp Deer, Tiger, Leopard, Elephant And Hoolock Gibbon. Mizoram Can Boast Of A Variety Of Wild Life Famous Wildlife National Parks And Sanctuaries Like Animal Population Is Accumulated Mostly In The Dampa Sanctuary, Established In 1976 At The North-Western Tip Of Mizo Hills.

Available Records Show That A Wide Range Of Insects, Molluscs, Crustaceans, A Few 1,000 Species Of Insects, About 12 Species Of Butterflies And Moths , 20 Of Beetles, 13 Of Molluscs And Various Types Of Snails Are Found In Mizoram. Seven Species Of Owls, 10 Of Pheasants, 12 Of Hawks And Eagles, 11 Of Bulbuls Belonging To 13 Families, Nine Of Egrets And Herons Too Exist Here. The Wildlife Tours Includes Sighgting Of Mammals Like Of Black And Wild Bear Tiger, Leopard, Hoolock Gibbon, Chinese Pangolin, Clawless Otter, Porcupine And Mongoose.

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