Arts & Crafts

The Mizo People Are Known For Their Handloom And Handicraft Products Which Mainly Include Textiles, Bamboo And Cane Works And Basketry. The Mizo Ladies Are Known As Born Weavers And They Produce A Wide Range Of Textile Products Like Puanspuon Dum, Puon Pie, Thangou Puon, Puon Laisen, Jawl Puon, Thangsuo Puon, Hmarm And Zakuolaisen. Apart From Textiles They Also Excel In Items Made Of Bamboos And Canes Like Toys, Hats, Animal And Fish Trapscones, Baskets, Jewelry Boxes, Utensils, Household Items And Smoking Pipes. The Smoking Pipes Are Of Two Types Namely The Vaibel And Tuibur Pipes Where The Former Made Of Bamboo Is Used By The Men And The Latter Made Of Clay And Bamboo Is Used By The Women.

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