Jammu And Kashmir

People & Lifestyle

Jammu And Kashmir Is One Of Those States That Has Become Famous For Its Many Sided Culture. The Three Regions Namely Jammu, Kashmir And Ladakh Have Different People With Their Diverse Culture And Traditions. Jammu Is Dominated By Hindu Population, Kashmir Has Major Muslim Population And In Ladakh, Most People Follow Buddhism. But One Thing That Is Common To People All Regions Is The Love, Affection, And Tolerance They Have For Each Other. Even Tourists Are Considered As A Part Of The Family. If You Ask A Locale About A Place To Stay, You Will Probably End Up Enjoying Your Vacation In His Home, And If You Like Something Worn By A Locale And Ask Him Where He Bought It From, He Will Probably Offer The Same Thing To You. That Is How Simple People Of Jammu And Kashmir Are, Far Away From Artificial Feelings, And Deception Of Life. The Lifestyle Of People Is Totally Different From That Of Adjoining States. The Food They Eat, The Dresses They Wear, The Language They Speak Is All Different And Unique. Though Ladakh Region Shows A Strong Resemblance To Tibet In All Things.

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