Jammu And Kashmir


Trekking In Ladakh Is Truly A Rewarding Experience; You Must Be Physically Fit To Trekking In Ladakh. There Are Considerable Variation In Day And Night Temperatures Even During The Height Of Summer. While The Days Are Pretty Warm, Even Hot, Due To The Desert Effect Of The Barren Landscape, Evenings Can Become Chilly, Requiring Extra Clothing.

It Is, Therefore, Recommended To Keep A Pullover And An Anorak Handy. A Sturdy Pair Of Trekking Shoes With Strong Rubber Or Synthetic Soles For Firm Grip, Thick Cotton Socks (Woollen For Autumn Trek Or Glacier Walks) And A Good Sleeping Bag Accompanied With An Insulated Ground Pad Are Necessary Gear For Going On A Trek.

Even If You Are Going To Pass Through The Inhabited Areas With The Possibility Of Accommodation In The Village Homes Or Monasteries, You Are Advised To Carry All The Prerequisites Required For The Trekking. In Case Of Stretched Out Treks Across Mountain Passes Or Trans-Mountain Traverses, A Water-Proof Tent Should Be Carried Besides Other Provisions And Cooking Facilities.

Some Other Additional Requirements Could Include A Balclava, Woolen Undergarments, Wind Parkas, Etc. For A Comfortable Stay At Ladakh. Other Requirements Include - Toiletries And First-Aid Kits With Lipsalve, Moisturisers And Suncream, Water Purifying Tablets, Medicines For High Altitude Sickness, Etc. A Good Quality Water Container To Carry The Drinking Water Is Essential During High Altitude Trekking In Arid Conditions. Also Carry A Flashlight With Sufficient Spare Batteries, A Sun-Hat And A Pair Of Good Quality Sunglasses With Sufficient Filter-Factor To Check The Sun's Brightness And Ultraviolet Rays.

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