Jammu And Kashmir

Must Remember Tips

The Most Important Consideration Of These Treks Is Acclimatization. Traveling On High Altitude Specially During The Month Of July And August, Can Cause Dehydration. It Is Important To Carry Liquid Energizers.

Plan A Trek To The Area Of Arunachal Pradesh The Real Botanical Treasure Trove Of The Himalayas In India. The Weather Of Arunachal Pradesh India Favors The Growth Of A Much Larger Diversity Of Interesting Plant Species, Many Of Which Are Waiting To Be Discovered.

Things To Be Carried

  • Sleeping Bags And Jackets.
  • A First Aid Medical Kit, And Waterproof Tents.
  • Walking Boots, Light Footwear, Socks.

Woollen Clothings, A Sunhat And Sunglasses And Do Not Forget To Carry Gloves. As Far As The Equipments Are Concerned, One Should Carry A Duffel Bag, As During Trekking, One Needs To Carry All His Goodies Along. The Bag Should Be Large Enough To Accommodate All Your Clothes And Toiletries And Of Course The Camera. Walking Sticks Also Prove Beneficial While Crossing Streams. Carry A Water Bottle And A Torch And An Umbrella, To Shield Yourself From The Rain And The Sun. While You Are On Your Trekking Campaign, Do Carry Cooking Utensils And Cooking Stove.

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