What Makes Goa One Of The Hottest Tourist Destinations In India Is Its Vibrant Nightlife. A State That Believes In Partying For Almost Every Occasion, The Nightlife Of Goa Is Sure To Remain Etched In Your Memory For A Long Time To Come. The Nightlife Of Goa Is An Essential Part Of An Average Goan's Life. Though It Is Not One Of The Metros, The Goan Night Life Is Much Better Than The Nightlife Of Any Other Big Metro City Of India. The Nightlife

Here Was Started By The Hippies Who Came Here During The 70's. Since Then, The Nightlife In Goa Has Steadily Increased And Has Gained Much Fame Now.

Since Alcohol Is Easily Available In Goa, There Is No Dearth Of Fun And Enjoyment Here During Late Hours. Goa Is Full Of Small Restaurants That Have Bars Too. So, Almost Every Eatery Will Have A Bar That Serves Chilled Beer And Allows You To Relax In Peace. The Most Popular Zones For Enjoying The Nightlife Of Goa Are The Beaches. Goans Believe In Partying Hard And One Can Spot Many Trance Parties In Famous Beaches Where People Just Enjoy Themselves And Forget The Tensions Of Life. Though Goa Is A Liberal State, There Are Strict Laws Against Drunken Driving, Taking Drugs, Etc.

In Case You Are Planning To Drink, Eat And Dance, Chances Are You Will End Up Doing It At The Same Place. The Key To Enjoy Goa Nightlife Is Not To Plan. Let Everything Unfold Before You Simultaneously. The Idea Of Encountering The Unexpected Is What Makes The Nightlife Of Goa Even More Exciting. Of Course, The Beaches Are Full Of People Jiving Away To Trance Music And Enjoying Their Drinks. But That Unknown Factor That Attracts So Many Revelers To The Goa Nightlife Is What Makes The Parties So Happening. You Have To Be There To Feel The Magic Take Over You.

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