Goa Was Coveted And Ruled By A Great Number Of Indian Kingdoms And Dynasties From The 4th Century Onwards. The First Kingdom To Rule Goa And Konkan Were Bhojas, Who Were The Feudatories Of Ashoka In 4th And 5th Centuries AD. The City Of Chandrapur (Present Chandor) Was Founded By Prince Chandraditya, Son Of Chalukya King Pulakesin From 566 To 597 A.D. After This, Goa Was Ruled Consecutively By Silahara Dynasty, Kadamba Danasty, And Finally Hoysalas From 1022 To 1342 A.D.

From The 14th Century Onwards, Goa Became A Great Trading Center On The West Coast, Especially In The Vast Trade Of Horses Imported From The Middle East. This Was The Time For Bigger Empires To Move In And Vijayanagar Empire Conquered It In 1344. But Their Empire Was Not Going To Last Too Long And In 1347, Bahmani Sultans Defeated Vijayanagara Forces In 1347 And Controlled Goa. Afterwards, It Was A Time Of Great Prosperity And Peace For Goa, Especially During The Rules Of Yusuf Adil Shah And Ismail Adil Shah. They Created Beautiful Houses, Fortified Goa, And Encouraged Local Craftsmen.

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