People Of Assam

The People Of Assam Consists Of Mongolian -Tibetan, Aryan And Burmese Ethnic Origins. Each Of These Tribes Have Their Own Traditions And Culture. The Local People Are Mainly Craftsmen And Weavers, Spinning Out Some Awesome Bamboo Products As Well As Beautifully Woven Material And Shawls.

The Assamese People Were Peaceful And Content With Their Lot Until They Saw Themselves Threatened By Settlers From Other States Of India And Immigrants From Bangladesh. The Educated And Vocal Articulated Their Dissatisfaction Through Militancy In An Attempt To Protect The Interests Of The Indigenous Inhabitants Of Assam. The Political Parties And Militant Organizations Initially Had The Support Of The Masses But Today Opinions Are Widely Divided. Fortunately, The Confusion And Chaos Has Not Taken Away The Warmth And Simplicity Of The People.

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