Arunachal pradesh


The State Of Arunachal Pradesh Is Home To Different Tribes That Have Different Religious Practices, However The Main Religion In Arunachal Pradesh Are Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity Donyi Polism.

Almost 35 Percent Of The Population Follow Hinduism Including Missionaries And Followers Of Rashtrya Sevak Sangha And The Vishwa Hindu Parishad Along With The Nocte And Miri Tribes. Christianity Is Followed By Almost 19 Percent Of Residents In Arunachal Pradesh. Almost 40 Percent Of The Total Population Follows Buddhism; Some Of Them Have Descended From Tibet. Tribes Living Near The Tibetan Border And In The Western Part Of The State Follow Tibetan Buddhism, Whereas, Theravada Buddhism Is Followed By People Of Thai-Burmese Origin Residing In Lohit And Changlang.

People Who Follow Donyi Polism Regard The Celestial Bodies To Be Holy. People Belonging To This Religion Believe In The Pre-Eminence Of The Sun And The Moon As The Greatest Deities. The Significant Tribe Groups Including Adis, Apatanis And Nishis Believe In One Single Common Ancestor Called Abo Tani.

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