Arunachal pradesh


In Arunachal Pradesh There Are Over 80 Mongoloid And Tibeto Burmese Tribes And Sub-Tribes, With Their Own Languages, Clothes, Headgear, Customs And Traditions. This Population Is Spread Over 12 Towns And 3649 Villages. The Major Tribes Are Daflas, Monpas, Adis, Akas, Apatanis, Mishmis, Nishis, Noktey, Wangchu And Sherdukpens. The Apatanis Are Experts In Terrace Farming And Both Sexes Tattoo Their Faces. Sherdukpens Perform Witchcraft To Counter The Actions Of Malevolent Spirits. Akas Paint Their Faces With Resin And Alcohol. Daflas Put The Fear Of God In One With Their Appearance Itself. They Wear A Hornbill’s Beak On Their Headgear And Carry Traditional Knives.

Though These Tribes Share A Common Origin They Have Grown Different On Account Of Isolation From Each Other But, However, Live In Perfect Harmony. Only With Conversions To Christianity Did The Tribes Have Conflicts. Due To Their Peace Loving Nature And A Good Administration, The State Has Kept Insurgency At Bay. The Society Of Arunachal Is Patriarchal And Primogeniture And The Fundamental Laws Of Inheritance Are There But With Variations. They Follow Endogamy And Strictly Abstain From Marrying Outside Their Tribe. Polygamy Is Socially Sanctioned And Practiced By Most Of Them.

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