Arunachal pradesh


Arunachal Pradesh Is The Only State In India With No Documented History Prior To The 16th Century When The Ahom Dynasty Of Assam Conquered It. The Ahoms And Later The British Imperialists Followed A Policy Of Non-Interference With The Hill Tribes.

After India’s Independence In 1947, Jawahar Lal Nehru, The First Prime Minister Tried To Gradually Bring In Modernisation. Chinese Invasion Of This Area In 1962 Led To Installation Of Military Bases And Facilities. Arunachal Pradesh Became A Union Territory Of India In 1972 And Achieved Statehood Only On 20th February 1987. It Used To Be Called NEFA- North East Frontier Agency For A Long Time.

Today Tourism Is Being Encouraged To Salvage The Economy, Which Has Slumped Since 1997 When Logging Was Banned In The State Forests.

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